Long Jersey Sleeves

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  • Sleevey Wonders Bandeau in long sleeve jersey will transform any sleeveless/strapless/halter top into something fabulous and NEW! These sleeves are made to wear under your outfit, and give a trendy cold shoulder look to any top, providing flattering arm coverage!

    Bandeau Long Sleeve Black Jersey Sleevey Wonders

    Was: $49.99
    Now: $39.99
    This off-the-shoulder style has become one of our best-sellers, as it transforms any sleeveless/strapless top or dress into a trendy cold-shoulder look. The fun comes in trying it under all your sleeveless clothes to create new looks all the time!... Learn More
  • Navy blue jersey in a fitted long sleeve adds beautiful arm coverage to your sleeveless tops and dresses. Reverse it, and wear the higher scoop side in front for cleavage cover, as well!

    Basic Long Sleeve Navy Jersey Sleevey Wonders

    Was: $45.99
    Now: $36.80
    NEW CLEARANCE! FOR SALE TO RETAIL CUSTOMERS ONLY. FINAL SALE, NO RETURNS. EXCHANGES ACCEPTED. Clean lines and comfort define this classic style of under sleeves made without shoulder seams to give the illusion of being part of your sleeveless top or... Learn More